Digital DJ / Guitarist / Vocalist
Indianapolis, Indiana
 welcome to my website!

Scott's next shows: 

December 6     10:00 - 2:00  (saturday)
Scott with pet monkey
The Hill Bar & Grill in Scottsburg, indiana
just west of I-65 at the Scottsburg exit

December 31     8:00 - 12:00  (Wednesdayday)
Scott with pet monkey
'going bananas new year's eve event'
brown county playhouse in nashville
right on st rd 135 in downtown nashville
Hello!  I'm Scott and I want to welcome you to my electronic home.  Lately I have been enjoying performing with three seperate and distinct outlets and my hope is you'll find out more about each of them here on your visit.

Playing solo, with a full band and as a disc jockey tends to keep me fairly busy. I originally started playing music while in high school and was a member of the very first Music Warehouse, the award-winning swing choir of Edgewood High School.  While a member of the US Navy stationed in Memphis, I played in a group of sailors under the name Easy Street in various Memphis area establishments. 

It wasn't long after I left the Navy and returned to Bloomington to attend IU that I hooked up with David Webb and became the Jay Michals of The Jay Michals Band.  Dave and I also had the opportunity to play together in a Bloomington group called Presence

After a while in Bloomington I realized I kept getting older but my girlfriends kept staying the same age.  Thus I moved to the Indianapolis area and worked more on a career than any musical activity for a few years.  Before long, the music bug within me sprung back to life and got me involed in solo shows, running open stage venues and playing in groups such as Slim & Nunn, Those Fabulous Hairdoos and the original Pet Monkey.  I also got into the DJ scene and began to aquire DJ gear and book bigger and bigger shows, both in Indiana and surrounding states.  I was a happy camper, for sure.   

About five years ago, life's turns and a new love brought me to Indy's far southside in southern Johnson County.  In that period, I have begun to make music connections here and have had many successes in Franklin, Nashville (typically with my solo shows) even back in Bloomington with the new and improved Pet Monkey.

What a long, (Scott) Strange trip it's been,  I'm very thankful for all the experiences and friends I've met, but am even more excited to see what just around the corner for me, my guitar and my friends. 

There it is, that is my musical life in a nutshell.  Thanks for checking it all out and making it this far down the page.  If you have any questions or want to inquire about engaging my servies in any way, I invite you to contact me.

Scott Strange / Dr.Rocker Entertainment

400 E. Pearl Street, Trafalgar, IN 46181
(317) 374-0544 | Email:
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